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Haunted or not, Alberta’s heritage buildings are home to tales both happy and tragic. Alberta Haunts takes us on an extraordinary tour to some of the province’s richest legacy locations, exploring the connection between then and now, and the intrinsic value these structures have in community history -- while trading a few good ghost stories along the way. 

We visit Drumheller, East Coulee and Wayne, tough little towns that endured the horror of the Spanish flu epidemic. In Lethbridge, today’s Galt Museum is a former hospital inhabited by not one but three spirits from a bygone age. In the Crowsnest Pass, we visit Coleman and the Grand Union Hotel, a popular watering hole for thirsty coal miners. Farther up the road is the ghost town of Lille and its abandoned coke ovens. Set in a stunning mountain meadow, what’s left of Lille still whispers of once-thriving community life, cut short in part by the devastating 1903 Frank Slide.

Alberta Haunts abounds with tales of hardship and survival, from visionary entrepreneurs to ordinary workers and families. From magic to movies, from coal miners to capricious kids, Alberta Haunts is an entertaining romp that honours the past and highlights some of the many characters who continue to “inhabit” the buildings and communities where they lived.

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